Bitrix24: organized work of your company

Bitrix 24 is a system thanks to which the head of the company can quickly and effectively set up work processes.

It allows you to organize the interaction of all employees, monitor, control working hours, use a business calendar, compile understandable, systematic accounting reports, automate the business process, structure the resource.

CRM: helps to increase sales

CRM is a system that sets up sales management, and communication with the customer is carried out through it. Every call, every message is recorded and saved. CRM, analyzing the client’s activity, transfers him from cold contact to a profitable deal.

CRM marketing is designed to develop individual offers based on the analysis of previous transactions. As a result, the number of transactions in the company is growing, the activity of regular customers is resuming, new ones are attracted.

You can use it to communicate with customers. The system allows you to mark the details of a conversation or correspondence. The manager will be able to view or listen to the employee’s conversation with the buyer.

The service is configured in such a way that it saves time and improves the results of work. He will promptly remind you of urgent tasks, tell you the stages of a successful transaction, and help in processing applications.

Заявки в Битриксе
Задачи в Битриксе

Drawing up tasks and organizing projects

This tool helps to unite the team and organize work among employees. Due to this, the set goals are fulfilled quickly and efficiently.

Bitrix 24 gives you the opportunity to set a goal not only for a subordinate, but also for yourself. Changes in deadlines and other data are saved in the history. The time counter helps you prepare, collect your thoughts and complete your goal on time. In case of violation of the deadline, the manager receives a notice of delay.

The performance of each employee is conveniently viewed in a separate field. After all, even this is recorded in history.

Creating a project involves working out and creating targets. They can be created either by yourself or redirected to colleagues or subordinates for revision. Every little thing, the smallest assignment or task will be monitored.

Contact center: multi-channel communication with your client

By connecting communication with customers through additional communication channels (social networks, e-mail, telephony, etc.), the company gets the opportunity to significantly increase its profitability.

There is no need for managers to log into each communication channel separately, and for customers there is an opportunity to communicate where it is more convenient for them.

All contact data, information from correspondence, and conversation recordings are saved. Therefore, managers and the director can not worry about the loss of important data.

Чат в Битриксе
Каталог сайтов

Website sale

Landing and website are tools with which you can increase the number of sales and interest potential customers. This is a great opportunity to advertise your company. With the help of Bitrix24, you can create an understandable, interesting, practical, functional resource.

Websites and stores: profitable deals

Bitrix 24 is developing according to the trends of today. Online sales occupy a leading position among the number of transactions worldwide.

The designer creates an easy-to-understand and use interface for an online store. This allows each user to quickly find the product he needs, having received positive emotions from cooperation with the company and the desire to place an order again.

Every customer who contacted the store or a web resource through a communication channel gets into the database. This is one of the main advantages of the program.

Что такое Битрикс24?
Что такое Битрикс24?

A successful team with Bitrix24

Bitrix 24 is a pro in the organization of joint, effective work. The company that started working with the system gets a lot of advantages. The main ones are:

  • Communication in closed and open chats;
  • Saving data;
  • Information security;
  • Generating reports, project goals;
  • Monitoring of activities.

More than 4 million companies have already been cooperating with Bitrix24. Make your business as efficient as possible!

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More than 4 million companies have already been cooperating with Bitrix24.

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