The designer of an online store with a landing page that can be easily transformed into an industry solution for any business area.

Конструктор MaTilda баннер
Конструктор MaTilda

MaTilda allows anyone without programming knowledge to create professional websites and online stores on 1C-Bitrix.

The platform has extensive functionality, a user-friendly interface and flexible design settings. The solution allows you to create websites and online stores in accordance with the most complex and refined customer requests for solving extensive marketing and business tasks.

Иконка стиралка

Household appliances and electronics

Иконка строительная

Construction and industrial goods

Иконка весы

Automotive products and spare parts

Иконка пальто

Clothing, shoes and accessories

Иконка велосипед

Sports goods

Готовый интернет-магазин с конструктором дизайна

Cosmetics and perfumes

Конструктор MaTilda






Готовый интернет-магазин с конструктором дизайна

Unique designer of design and structure

Allows you to change the design and structure of the site, the location of modules or blocks of content in just a couple of clicks, dragging a particular element or block with the mouse, placing it in the right place on the page

Tell us about your company, create its unique handwriting with the help of our design editor. Easily and quickly edit the structure and appearance of any page and individual elements of the site, the way you want it – without editing the HTML code, in two mouse clicks. For quick setup, we have provided a dynamic panel with which you can change the structure and design of the site by selecting ready-made templates and turning on/off certain site options.

  • The unique structure and design management constructor allows you to change the design and structure of the site, the location of modules or blocks of content in just a couple of clicks. Drag one or another element or block with the mouse, placing it in the right place on the page.
  • A convenient system for managing the design and structure of the site. The structure, site design and color schemes are configured using the editor, without editing the HTML code.
  • Professional website design is thought out to the smallest detail and takes into account the behavioral factors of users.
  • More than 100 different design options and color schemes.

Library of ready - made blocks and modules

You can use our library of blocks, which we regularly replenish, in order to
you have always had a wide selection of templates to personalize your site.

Готовый интернет-магазин с конструктором дизайна

By creating this solution, we wanted to move away from the usual standard solutions. Your website should be even more individual. But how to achieve individuality with standard template blocks? This is what prompted us to create a block constructor. Create your own blocks and personalize your site pages without a designer and layout designer. No need to wait for the addition of new blocks from developers or ask to develop blocks individually, you can do it yourself in 2 clicks.

The blocks can be adapted to any screen resolution. When creating a block, you operate not with lines of code, but with visual elements. Load and combine elements, change their size, shape and position in the block. Put some elements on top of others, determining which one to bring to the fore. Adjust axes, margins, dimensions. Change the size and location of elements by dragging both in the editing area and through the element settings. It’s simple!

Dynamic Settings Panel

For quick setup, we have provided a dynamic settings panel, with which you can change the structure and design of the site, choosing ready-made templates and turning on/off those or
other site options.

Готовый интернет-магазин с конструктором дизайна
Готовый интернет-магазин с конструктором дизайна

For quick setup, we have provided a dynamic settings panel, with which you can change the structure and design of the site, choosing ready-made templates and turning on/off certain site options.

  • Customization of color schemes (20 ready-made schemes, the ability to choose an individual color).
  • Setting up the site header, footer, header (more than 10 ready-made configurations).
  • Customization of fonts, styles, headers selection of options for the side and main menu of the site.
  • Several options for displaying the main sections of the site: catalog, blog, news, contacts.
  • Flexible customization of the product card: several types of goods (industrial goods, consumer goods, clothing, services, real estate), selection of the type of SKU, quick viewing.
  • Flexible basket configuration.
  • Individual configuration of the mobile version of the site.

The store looks great on all devices

100% adaptability to any screen size

Демо просмотр
Готовый интернет-магазин с конструктором дизайна

Mobile version

Варианты отображения

The online store has an adaptive layout that adapts to any screen resolution and looks great on the screen of various devices (on a widescreen monitor screen, on a tablet and on a smartphone screen).

Extensive settings of the mobile version allow you to adapt your site to any task. You can customize the display of the mobile version of the site separately from the main one, choose mobile templates for widgets, blocks and site elements from several options.

  • The site has an independent mobile version, due to which it is correctly displayed on all types of mobile devices and different monitor resolutions.
  • A convenient editor makes it easy to design a mobile version for any, the most specific tasks. Add and drag blocks, modules, buttons and arrange them as you need.
  • The mobile version of the website complies with the most stringent standards of search engines Yandex, Google. It is well perceived and easily indexed by search engines, increasing the position in the search for the main site.

The created blocks can be used on any page of the site and even exported to another site.

And if the available elements seem insufficient, then your developers can add the elements they created, further expanding the capabilities of the solution.

In addition, you can use our library of blocks, which we regularly replenish, so that you always have a wide selection of templates to personalize your site.

Fill out the form and get a presentation of a line of ready-made solutions!


Иконка монитора

Unique Design editor

Gives you complete freedom in managing the design, structure and content of the pages of your online store.Easily and quickly edit the structure and appearance of any page and individual elements of the site, the way you want it - without editing the HTML code, in two mouse clicks.

Иконка Конструктор MaTilda

An unparalleled block editor

Other constructors only allow you to drag ready-made blocks with the mouse and change their content. MaTilda is the first solution with which you can create the necessary functional blocks yourself, without resorting to the help of a programmer. You are limited only by your imagination.

Иконка монитора

Constantly updated library of blocks

If you don't have the time or desire to create blocks yourself, use our block library. So that it does not lose its relevance, we will constantly replenish the library by adding new blocks that you can use to make your site better.

Иконка телефона

Adaptation to mobile devices

Thanks to the adapted version, the website and online store are perfectly displayed on any devices, and it's a pleasure to shop from smartphones and tablets on them.

Иконка лупы

Ample opportunities for promotion in search engines

The SEO module has extensive functionality and makes it easy to promote the site to the first lines of search engine results.

Иконка Конструктор MaTilda

Professional functionality

All the functionality necessary for a modern website and online store and the latest Bitrix chips are already included.

Иконка часы

High speed operation

According to the "tests", the response of the site is less than a second. It gives a better ranking in Google and Yandex, which significantly increases the growth of conversion of the website and the online store.

Иконка руки

Easy to master

Thanks to step-by-step video tutorials, comprehensive documentation, professional technical support.

Иконка человека Конструктор MaTilda

Operational support

You can get support and advice from experienced Internet marketers and technical specialists at any time.

Иконка Конструктор MaTilda

Continuous development and updating

Your website is always in the current technological state and you do not need to spend money on periodic upgrades.

Иконка Рука Конструктор MaTilda

Simple and affordable

A convenient and intuitive admin panel and an attractive showcase with an adaptive design.

Иконка Скобки Конструктор MaTilda

Unlimited possibilities for developers

MaTilda's unique technology platform and software core provide limitless opportunities for developers to implement the most daring ideas and ideas. You will be able to develop your own modules and functions, which would be difficult to implement on a "bare" Bitrix.

Иконка Конструктор MaTilda

Sharpened for sales

Integration with 1C, Yandex.Metrica and a set of tools to increase conversion – all in order for sales to start from the first day of launch.

Иконка Ракета Конструктор MaTilda


One license allows you to create any number of landing pages and manage them from one admin panel. Create as many landing pages as you need. And if you want, then even more.

Product catalog

Three types of catalog — for the convenience of both retail and wholesale buyers.

Universal product catalog with the ability to adapt to any subject and type of goods

  • A multifunctional universal catalog of goods and services will allow you to effectively organize online sales of all types of goods and services.
  • Several types of goods – industrial goods card, clothing and consumer goods card, service card, real estate object card.
  • Support of trade offers (SKU-product): the ability to set key characteristics (color, size, packaging) and assign individual prices and stock balances to combinations of these characteristics. It becomes possible to order a product with the desired set of properties.
  • Several options for displaying goods and services in the list: tile, table or price list – configure the optimal display of the catalog.
  • There are three options for displaying catalog categories: a tile, a list with icons, a text list. For any category, you can set your default display type.
  • A convenient filter of products by arbitrary fields and by characteristics will help users find a product that meets their requirements. At the same time, the filter works using Ajax technology and filters products without reloading the page.
  • Promotional price (the old price is crossed out).
  • Sort products by default, price, name, model or rating.
  • Quick view with the possibility of placing an order.
  • Brands for products with a description and logo.
  • Live product search by name, description or article works according to a multifactorial algorithm – it shows only what is needed, filters out all the garbage. Supports properties-directories (highload-info blocks) with icons.
  • Automatic export of goods to Yandex.Market.
  • Synchronization with 1C: Enterprise 8.x (nomenclature and orders) – will allow you to reliably integrate the online catalog with 1C – to ensure the exchange of nomenclature, exchange of orders and remaining goods in stock.
  • Product availability informer with three types of display: availability indicator, numerical balance, a lot/little/missing.
  • The ability to compare products allows you to choose suitable products.
  • The list of deferred products increases the convenience of working with the catalog and allows you to mark products of interest for further purchase.

Customizable list of products

Customize the list of products to your taste

Готовый интернет-магазин с конструктором дизайна

Product card

The product card was created in accordance with the strictest standards of usability and web design in order to be as clear and convenient as possible for visitors and ensure maximum conversion.


Noticeable stickers with the designation of discounts, promotions, new items

Product Information

Tell us about the advantages of your store in the most accessible and visual way for the buyer

Viewing photos

Slider with the possibility of detailed or full image zoom

SKU Trading Offers

Offer available sizes, colors and other assigned product properties

Information sections

“Description”, “Technical specifications”, “Reviews”, “Availability in stores” and the ability to add documentation to the product

Display with and without tabs

If the amount of information about the product is large, it is more convenient to put it in switchable tabs, the option without tabs is also available

Service card

A service card in the form of a LandingPage – will allow you to effectively present your services and receive maximum requests from visitors.Landing Page cards are created according to a universal, carefully designed template and are perfect for the presentation of any goods and services: cargo transportation, construction services, windows, ceilings, covers, etc.

Convenient and flexible configuration – the blocks of the LandingPage card can be enabled/disabled, swapped, and renamed to suit your tasks.

The ability to disable the navigation of the main site will allow you to use LandingPage cards as independent sites, without scattering the attention of visitors to other sections of the corporate site.

Готовый интернет-магазин с конструктором дизайна

Due to the convenient and flexible structure of the service card, made in the form of a LandingPage, you will be able to effectively present to customers information about your offers and benefits of cooperation, just activate the desired element:

  • Customize the desired type of service card, there are 3 display options available to you: a full-width central banner of the service with a title, description and buttons for ordering, a banner in the center of the page with a title, description and buttons for ordering, a classic view of the service card with a photo on the right.
  • Specify a short and detailed description, specify the key parameters (characteristics) of the service.
  • Place the images in the photo gallery.
  • Post completed projects and customer reviews of your service.
  • Add a lead form to the card to enhance the conversion.
  • Place products and promotions related to the service.
  • Show specialists who can advise clients.

Quick View

Quick view with the possibility of placing an order

Convenient shopping cart and order management system

Оформление заказа

Other pages

Страница Сотрудники


Страница Новости


Страница Сертификаты


Страница Акции


Готовый интернет-магазин с конструктором дизайна

Promotion page

Страница Контакты


Готовый интернет-магазин с конструктором дизайна

Frequently Asked Questions

The timing depends on the complexity of the project. We rent most of the sites in a month from the first brief to the transfer to the client. If you need an accurate calculation, leave a request for a free consultation.

Yes, it is possible, but for an accurate answer we need to analyze your project. Leave a request for a free consultation. We will conduct an audit for free and offer further options for the development of the site.

The cost depends on the functionality you need, the complexity of the structure, the amount of content and additional services. Most projects fit into the budget of 50 thousand rubles. To get an accurate calculation, leave a request for a free consultation.

Sites are not divided into cheap and expensive, they may or may not pay off in a certain period of time. We have experience in creating selling websites that successfully solve the client’s business problems, that is, contributing to an increase in the number of targeted applications, improving the company’s reputation and, as a result, sales growth. Theoretically, such knowledge can be acquired independently, since there is enough material on this topic on the Internet. But without experience, you will not be able to get a good result.

Any specialist offering his services for 500, 1000, 5000 rubles per hour of work, first of all sells his experience and the benefits that customers can derive from it. The cost of our websites is based on the experience of successful projects. Let’s not hide it, there were unsuccessful ones. But such experience is also useful for our clients, as it allows us to determine the expediency of efforts at the start. It happens that we advise the client not to rush to create a website and thereby allow him not to waste several hundred thousand rubles. Our reputation is more important to us than fast money.
The cost largely depends on the number of hours on the project. Its implementation may take 50, 100, 200, 300, 600 hours at an average cost of 1000 rubles per hour of work. Accordingly, the quality of the site will be different. Many companies dump not the average cost per hour of work, but the number of hours spent on the project. We immediately lay down the necessary number of hours, sufficient for both thinking about the idea and its implementation. With a reduced number of hours, employees must work in a hurry, which can turn into annoying and even critical mistakes. We don’t need it.

We are making a mobile version for all sites, both for landing pages and for sites with a large catalog. Its creation is included in the development cost.

Tilda is a website builder, not a CMS. With its help, you can successfully create simple landing pages. But if the task is to create a corporate website with a complex structure, then the limited functionality of the Tilde will not be enough.

We usually use the 1C-Bitrix CMS system for work, because it is the most reliable and convenient CMS.

You will be able to adjust the content, the CMS system gives this opportunity. We are ready to provide instructions on how to fill your site and conduct training upon request.

The development of technical specifications helps us and the customer to see the future site, so in 95% of cases the layout changes are quite insignificant. We make one version, then, if necessary, we make edits to it. BUT, if you categorically do not like the option, then first of all we find out what exactly did not like, we accept all comments exclusively in writing. All cardinal edits in style and colors are made at the stage of approval of the main page of the site.