effective SEO promotion

We will bring your site to the first places of search engines in three to six months. Full range of work: internal and external optimization, end-to-end analytics.

Our best recommendation: according to the queries “promotion in Kaliningrad”, we are ahead of all competitors in Yandex.

Specify the site address. A promotion specialist will contact you using the contact details provided on the website.

How will we promote the site?

1. Set up counters and basic indicators

  • We will register the site on the websites of search engines for webmasters
  • We will install counters of analytics systems
  • We will register you in popular social networks
  • Let’s analyze the site’s indicators: the number of indexed pages, popular queries, sources and traffic volume

2. Identify and eliminate technical errors

  • Let’s compose the file correctly robots.txt
  • Automating the XML site map
  • Install 301 redirects from additional domains
  • Delete duplicates of pages and content
  • Arrange the noindex tags
  • Let’s make human-friendly URLs
  • Optimizing the site loading speed
  • We will remove the malicious code (if available)
  • We will remove the site from the filters of search engines

3. Optimize the site content

  • Let’s analyze the text relevance of the pages
  • Let’s place the title, description, keywords tags for the pages
  • Let’s arrange alt tags for images
  • Let’s place the h1-h6 header tags correctly
  • Let’s review the internal linking
  • Let’s develop the markup schema.org
  • We will check and protect the unique content

4. Eliminate user interface errors

  • Optimizing the site loading speed
  • Let’s check the availability of the mobile version of the site
  • Let’s arrange the site blocks in the usual way
  • Install easy-to-read fonts
  • Connect the “bread crumbs”
  • Let’s make the correct error pages
  • Remove broken links
  • We will correctly place the contact details, order buttons and legal information
  • Install the “Share” buttons for social networks
  • Let’s connect an online consultant

5. Let’s make a semantic core

  • Let’s collect requests related to the site
  • Let’s define non-target requests
  • We will distribute the requests by sections and articles

6. Create content for the site

  • We will prepare the text materials for the site correctly
  • Let’s design the materials with attractive images
  • We will publish the content in time according to the content plan

7. Advertise the content

  • We advertise the site in social networks and catalogs
  • We will develop an email newsletter
  • We encourage discussion on third-party platforms

We do not use black seo promotion methods

Some agencies and website owners take risks and use so-called black (prohibited) methods of promotion. As practice shows, they do not lead to anything good. Search engines easily identify violators. And then they apply sanctions – they can even exclude the resource from the search.

Therefore, we never use dishonest methods of working on the site. When promoting, this additionally guarantees the reliability of the position of our sites in the search results.

Why not promote the site yourself?

It’s possible. Website promotion, promotion gives positive results in a short time. We will give you instructions on seo promotion or even teach you in special promotion courses. The problem is one thing – time. The promotion of one site will require at least an hour of time per day, and this is subject to a qualified approach.

Therefore, if you are limited in time, entrust this work to us.

Our advantages


We are engaged not only in promotion, but also in marketing. Thanks to this, we always know what we are using this or that tool for and how to get the maximum benefit from it.

Work under the contract

We guarantee the result within the terms set by the contract. The costs of promotion can be officially carried out by accounting.

People orientation

We make websites not for robots, but for people. First of all, your customers should like the pages, and we know this!

Building effective marketing for medical centers

The system of attracting patients: from the first touch to repeat sales.

Bulk materials

Development and promotion of websites for suppliers of inert bulk materials (sand, gravel, soil, coal, etc.)

Do you sell auto parts?

Special offer for owners of online auto parts stores

System SEO-promotion of your website

Have you ever thought about the fact that you are doing something wrong in the promotion and promotion of the site? It seems that you are constantly updating the material, and you have prepared a good design, and you are constantly trying to improve something for the client, but it does not go any further, and all site optimization goes down the drain. In such situations, you need to carry out SEO promotion of your portal, blog or online store.

How is modern search engine site promotion implemented?

The fact is that the promotion of Web sites is characterized not only by the quantity, but also by the quality of your material. Your site is viewed not only by ordinary people, but also by search robots that have their own verification algorithm.

Quite often, the site owner writes material (product cards, informational articles, company data) exclusively for people, without relying on the following parameters:

  • keywords;
  • semantic core of the site;
  • water content of the text, etc.

Without this, website promotion is impossible in principle. Your task is to optimize your entire website, designating it for both your customers and search engines. If you want to study this area yourself and manually carry out seo optimization of the site, then you should spend quite a lot of time and effort on this, since there are hundreds of different criteria in the field of website development and promotion, and they change almost daily.

Is it possible to order a website promotion?

Many users are quite skeptical about this proposal, because they do not understand exactly how the work of a specialist goes. Service: “SEO website promotion” helps the client to find a weak link in the structure and content of his resource. Our company is ready to take responsibility for editing your material for search engines.

The creation and promotion of websites are our key services, it is here that we conduct a comprehensive audit of your portal, identify weaknesses in the structure and material of the site, and then carry out a number of optimization works.

If your site is a standard project, then we will implement the following works:

we adjust the text to the category of LSI-copywriting;

  • ongoing website promotion in Google and Yandex through link building;
  • we are improving the website design: we are working on cross-platform, usability and convenient presentation of information for the user;
  • we implement SMM activities and much more.

This is just part of our job. We always work with the client in an individual form, so if you need to carry out additional work, you can contact us directly during the workflow.

Another point that distinguishes us from other companies is the “purity” of work. Your optimized SEO site will never be banned by search robots, since we use only “white” technologies in the field of website promotion.

In addition, we organize the promotion of geotargeting resources. For example, if you were looking for information on the query: “promotion of Kaliningrad sites”, then we can optimize your website specifically for residents of Kaliningrad so that you receive specific clients tied to a specific place of residence.

Let’s summarize. If you have been struggling for months to promote your site, but it does not bring any visible results, then you should conduct SEO optimization. Otherwise, you will continue to observe competitors in the top queries, and your site will remain unknown to most Runet users.