Setting up and maintaining contextual

With clear analytics from impression price to return on investment (ROI)

  • Additional leads
  • Reducing the cost of sale
  • The optimal Price / Quality ratio of the application
  • Start and grow in any niche, with any offer

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The best marketing tool

Contextual advertising gives the fastest result from investments

Targeting users

Goods and services are offered only to interested users, which makes it credible

Controlled tool

A controlled and fast tool for solving specific marketing tasks.

Accurate calculation

100% controlled result, without assumptions. Accurate performance statistics.


Contextual advertising allows you to distribute information about almost any type of goods and services.

Wide coverage

A large number of keywords can be connected to an advertising campaign, the audience of ads is almost unlimited

We work with any field of business

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Real estate

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Online schools

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Food delivery

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services, etc.

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and others...

What exactly will we do for your money?

Let’s assume that you are engaged in the supply of bulk materials and decided to order contextual advertising. Let’s explain the mechanism of its action on this example. All of the above work is performed by a specialist of “Reklamafii”, you are only required to pay the users who have switched to the site on time.

Let’s select keywords

In our case, it is reasonable to use the following set of keywords: “buy sand”, “buy gravel”, “peat Kaliningrad”, etc. On a given topic, we will collect ALL the real user requests for the last year. There will be several thousand options. Next, we will divide them into groups depending on the product (peat, sand, graphium, asphalt, etc.) and on the readiness to purchase (buy, choose, get for free).

Let’s choose a fighting strategy

Depending on the advertising goals and budget, we will coordinate with you a strategy of behavior in the auction fight with other advertisers.

Based on this decision, the specialists of the Internet agency are compiling a media plan, which will display the projected number of target visitors that we will be able to provide, and the cost of their transition to your site.

Let’s calculate and remove the non-target audience

If, for example, a user is looking for a free product or just wants to learn about the types of sand (maybe he is writing a dissertation), then there is no need to show him advertising. We also know, for example, that people under the age of 20 or those who work in a government agency will not buy the product.

Proper setup of the advertising campaign will avoid paying for such non-targeted users. This way we will be able to show ads only to those people who are ready and able to buy.

Let’s write unique ads

For each specific keyword (or group of keywords) we will create a unique ad that will match the user’s request as much as possible and lead him to the correct page of your site. Those who are looking for sand will get to the page with sand, those who are looking for “the price of peat” will already see its approximate cost in the ad.

The more accurately the ad will fit the request, the cheaper the ad will cost you.

Let’s set up statistics and run ads

In order to track performance, our specialists will install special modules called “counters” on your website. Counters will allow you to see not only the number of site visitors, but the pages they visit, the time spent on each and even the movements that they make on the page with the mouse.

After the start of advertising, you will get access to detailed statistics, where in real time you will be able to track the expenditure of funds, the number of impressions of your ads, clicks on them (statistics are provided for each specific request), and other useful information about the progress of the advertising campaign. We will also monitor the statistics in order to adjust the advertising campaign in time.

We will make timely adjustments

When a user who is interested in sand comes to the search engine, he will see our ad on the search results page. There are various options for placing ads, for example, special placement (the most prominent place, the most expensive, a large number of transitions), guaranteed impressions (the number of transitions is less, but the price for transitions is lower) and a number of others.

After clicking on an ad, a certain amount is debited from your account. Depending on the position, the level of competition and the quality of the compiled advertising campaign, this amount can vary from 5 to several thousand rubles.

Specialists of “Reklamafia” will constantly monitor statistics. For example, if the price for some queries exceeds the allowable for your budget, we will disable such an ad or lower it in the search results. In addition, we will add to the “blacklist” some requests for which we receive non-targeted visitors to the site.

Building effective marketing for medical centers

The system of attracting patients: from the first touch to repeat sales.

Bulk materials

Advertising and promotion of websites for suppliers of inert bulk materials (sand, gravel, soil, coal, etc.)

Do you sell auto parts?

Special advertising offer for online auto parts stores

What is contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising is advertising, the content of which depends on the interests of the user.

Contextual advertising acts selectively: the advertising message is shown only to those who want to see it. Users show interest in certain goods and services, and you offer them help by telling them about your offers.

Contextual advertising can be search and thematic.

Search ads are displayed in internet search results.

Thematic advertising is shown on partner sites of Yandex and Google if the subject of advertising corresponds to the interests of the user.

Every day, search engines process tens of millions of search queries and pages of thematic sites. Among them there are inquiries about your product!

Yandex.Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords are one of the ways to place search and thematic contextual advertising.

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