Внедрение Битрикс24

Bitrix24 CRM implementation in Kaliningrad

What can systematize and automate a business? Implementation and configuration of the 1C-Bitrix database. The advertising agency offers profitable packages. And the availability of certificates confirms our competence.

What is Bitrix24?

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Пакт Старт

Package Start

Basic Bitrix 24 allows for rapid development. Includes CRM and telephony.

Пакет Бизнес

Business Package

This is cloud telephony, the ability to process leads, 1C program for accounting.

Пакет Профи

The Pro Package

The settings of this package allow you to organize the most efficient work of the business: employee control, integration of online retail outlets, workflow tracking.

Package Start

allows you to quickly get into work if you have a small business. With its help, you can manage tasks, communicate online with employees and customers, design work, monitor sales.

By connecting the Start Package, you get:

  • The ability to quickly communicate with a client, an employee of the company using: general and personal messages, cloud, chats, video calls. All information for communication is quickly accessible thanks to the contact database.
  • The ability to manage tasks, checklists, Gantt charts, set automatic verification of the completion of the tasks you set.
  • Effective interaction with the client. Transactions are made according to well-established, proven stages. All data about orders, sales and customer wishes are stored in 1C Bitrix.

Business Package

allows you to organize high-quality and efficient work of the company. CRM cloud, setting up business processes using the basic functionality of Bitrix24 will help make the company successful and prosperous.

Advantages of the Business Package:

  • Consultants on websites working online. The lines of communication with the client have open access, which allows you to save data in the program about each transaction.

  • Automatic data update thanks to bidirectional synchronization with 1C-Accounting.

Внедрение Битрикс24
Внедрение Битрикс24

The Pro Package

it makes it possible to adapt the program as much as possible to the specifics of the company’s work. The slightest nuances and functionality of the site are taken into account for the effectiveness of all internal processes. The capabilities of the Start and Business packages are also included, and settings are additionally provided in accordance with the requirements of a particular company.

Additional advantages of the Pro Package:

  • Obtaining reporting data for monitoring the activities of each employee and completed sales.

  • Repetitive processes are started automatically, saving you time.

  • The ability to contact technical support at any time for help.

Project implementation of Bitrix24

For those who want to get more with Bitrix24, we offer the possibility of project implementation: business study, drawing up an individual implementation plan and customizing Bitrix24 CRM with the possibility of learning the basics of working with a CRM system.

Внедрение Битрикс24

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Логотип Битрикса

Comparison of Bitrix24 packages

Start Business Pros
Basic Settings
Information assistance before implementation (brief)
General configuration of the resource
Customization according to the company’s features
Setting up leads, contacts, deals, etc.
Adjusting the access capability
Regulation of CRM capabilities for several areas of work
Routine CRM work
Monitoring the work of employees
Setting up a single number
Setting up Cloud Communications
Combining the site with Bitrix24
Combining Bitrix24 with an email address
Integration with open lines (social networks)
Basic integration
Combining with leads, deals
Additional features
Reporting work of managers
Linear business process
Online Consulting assistance
Teleconferences for employee training
Labor intensity 10 h. 20 h. 30 h.
Price (rubles) 20 000 40 000 70 000

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Живая лента

Bitrix24: simplicity and efficiency

One service organizes the work of all employees of the company.

Control and organization of work can be carried out not only from a PC, but also on smartphones.

Profitability first of all

With Bitrix24, you can radically change the efficiency of the company. Only positive results and high goals.

The manager has the opportunity to track the work of employees at any time, to keep sales processes under control.

Employees get the opportunity to work more efficiently.

Reliable data protection

Your data is safe

You can enter the program not only in the office. Even by connecting to social networks, you can be sure of the safety and protection of information.

Protection of passwords and corporate data with an SSL certificate.

Protection against threats

The WAF filter reflects attacks on the program. In case of a threat, the filter recognizes the danger and blocks it.

Authorization in two stages

In order to protect against intrusions and other threats as effective as possible, the developers of Bitrix24 have created two authorization stages. When entering the application, the employee must first enter the password, and then the code that is sent to the mobile device at the time of entry.

Round-the-clock operation of Bitrix24

In order for the program to work smoothly, 2 data centers are used: in America and somewhere in Europe. In case of an emergency, a backup and lock command is run.

Сертификат Бизнес-партнера

Reliable certified company

The advertising company is engaged in the sale and implementation of Bitrix24 packages. The agency has a certificate, which is a confirmation of our qualifications in the field of optimization of the processes of web resources.

You can check our partner status   on the 1C-Bitrix website.

We are also an official partner of the domain name registrar reg.ru and enter the Unified Web Studio Rating in the middle price segment of Ruward. Our card on Ruward >>


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