Building effective marketing for medical centers

We promote the clinic's services with the help of effective marketing tools. We are building a system of attracting patients: from the first touch to repeat sales.
Developing a promotion strategy (online and offline)
We take care of all the work on the Internet (website, advertising, social networks)
We work with the conversion of administrators

Clinic with Marketing Department

We will strengthen the full-time marketing team with the experience and specialization of our specialists. We will take responsibility for individual areas of work and together we will make a result.

Clinic without its own marketer

We will take over the marketing of the clinic and the brands of doctors. We will free up doctors’ time for specialized activities. We are responsible to the owner and commercial director. Let’s make marketing transparent and understandable.

A small clinic or office

We will load patients on a turnkey basis with a minimum budget, spot selection of tools and work on conversion to sale. No independent experiments – only effective tools!

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We will not leave doctors free time

Organization Marketing

Development of the brand of the medical clinic, promotion as an institution in general.

Marketing of services

Promotion of individual clinic services as an independent product. Most often these are high-margin services, or, conversely, inexpensive for the patient's first acquaintance with the clinic.

Medical Marketing specialists

According to statistics, most of the applications from the clinic's website come from the pages of doctors. We promote specialists in such a way as not to leave the patient a chance to pass by.

Medical Marketing of Ideas

Promotion of innovative treatment methods developed by the clinic's specialists, new interesting services on the market or certain laboratory studies that are difficult to access in a given area.

We observe the law

The laws “On the basics of health protection in the Russian Federation” and “On compulsory medical insurance in the Russian Federation” (No. 323-FZ of 21.11.2011 and No. 326-FZ of 29.11.2010) oblige medical organizations, regardless of the form of ownership, to maintain an official website.

Rospotrebnadzor and Roskomnadzor conduct checks of Internet pages and, if there are violations or shortcomings in the design of the resource, structure, volume of information, in accordance with articles of the Administrative Code (14.4, 14.8, 13.11), the clinic or other medical institution will be administratively liable. Most often, it is expressed in fairly large fines.

We know the requirements and have experience filling medical websites in such a way as to comply with the requirements of the law.

Transparent reporting

Transparent reporting for managers and marketers

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