WordPress Training

Creating a website on WordPress

The course is closed.

Learn to create and administer impressive websites: business cards, catalogs, online stores.

The course is aimed at studying the peculiarities of content creation and site administration in CMS WordPress.

During 12 lessons you will create your site from scratch: register hosting, choose a domain name, install and configure WordPress, create and fill out the main sections of the site.

Course cost: 1200 руб.

Наши курсы

What you will learn in the course

Select a domain and order hosting

Together with you, we will select a suitable domain, arrange and pay for hosting on reg.ru

Install WordPress

You will learn how to install WordPress on any hosting with the ISP Manager control panel.

Create pages and records

Pages and records are the main structural elements of the site that allow you to publish your offer on the Internet.

Customize the design

Let's choose the theme of the design, configure the subtle parameters of the site display, taking into account the adaptability for mobile devices.

Provide security

We will protect the site from hacking and deletion as a result of erroneous user actions.

Increase performance

We optimize the site for fast loading, including from mobile devices.

Course program

You will understand how websites work, what a domain name is and what hosting is for

Choose a domain name for yourself, order and pay for hosting and launch your first website.

Learn how to upload your own files to the server using the ISP Manager Control Panel

Create a database to use with WordPress

You will understand what a CMS is, why most people choose WordPress. Let’s look at examples of sites on WordPress

Download it from the official website, upload it to the server and install WordPress on your hosting.

Book a place on the course and get advice on the training program

Who is this course designed for

How is the training going


View video lectures at a convenient time. Online consultations with teachers are held once a week.


After each lesson — testing or practical homework with verification and feedback.


Each student can communicate with the course experts in the classroom, get the help of a coordinator and mentors.

Yes, if you want to master all the basic Internet marketing tools in a short time and upgrade from scratch to the level of a novice specialist. This will help you build a career faster, establish effective work with contractors or start promoting your own project.

Just look at the activity in the recording. Records of all past classes are available to you at any time in your personal account. If you have any questions about a lesson that you missed, you can always ask the teacher in a closed Facebook group.

After each webinar, you get a practical task to work out the knowledge you have gained. Each homework assignment is given five working days. You send the finished work to the teacher through your personal account, and he gives an assessment and writes a detailed comment: what’s good, what’s bad, what’s worth working on. Practical tasks are carried out on the basis of real projects.