Development and promotion of bulk materials websites

We increase sales of bulk materials by 30% with the help of working Internet marketing tools.
Delegate the work with the site
Get customer flow
Automate order processing
Increase the average check and return rate
Reklamafia has been working in the Internet marketing market for more than 7 years! We are well aware of the peculiarities of sales of bulk materials on the Internet. We effectively attract traffic to the site and do not lose a single visitor.
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Разработка и продвижение сайтов сыпучих материалов

Website development and support

Website development

We have been developing websites for suppliers of bulk materials since 2017 and have created more than 10 websites on this topic.

WordPress platform. If necessary, we carry out individual development.

The design of the executed sites meets the requirements of modernity: user-friendly, adapted for mobile devices.


As part of website support, we update advertising offers: banners, news, articles.

Разработка и продвижение сайтов сыпучих материалов


Advertising projects are protected from external threats.

We are nipping at the root of the possibility of parsing the site. Your unique directory is protected from automatic copying.

We monitor and stop hacker attacks, and if something does happen, we will effectively restore it.


The proven backup scheme allows you to restore the project in the most unpredictable situations.

For backup, we use the Amazon S3 service, which allows you to securely store information at a minimum price.

Разработка и продвижение сайтов сыпучих материалов
Разработка и продвижение сайтов сыпучих материалов

Search engine promotion

We have passed most of the typical stages of SEO promotion of a supplier of bulk materials.

We know how to register a title and description, optimize pages for search, display the necessary information in the catalog card. We carry out a full range of work on search promotion.

As a result, the bulk materials website comes out on top in search results in 3-6 months.

Marketing support

The company’s marketers spent dozens of hours studying the market. We know who, when and why buys bulk materials, we are able to present the information on the website in the best way and show you in a favorable light relative to competitors.

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Contextual advertising

We have a built-up plan for setting up and maintaining contextual advertising for bulk materials for a long period. Experience with the topic allows you to spend less time searching and collecting keywords, filtering negative keywords. This means that for the same money we will be able to devote more time to the marketing part of the work.

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Automation of business processes

Accepting, processing and executing an order in a timely manner seems to be a fairly simple task. When there are several of them per month. If there are dozens or even hundreds of orders, it is necessary to set up and set up automated order processing, competently maintain and use CRM system data for repeat sales to former customers.

Support of the sales department

We provide consulting to sales departments. We will teach you how to process each incoming request in such a way that the client becomes permanent.

Our main advantages

There are many features in the subject of bulk materials that a marketer and developer need to know in order to work successfully. It takes about a year of work to get up to speed. We have already passed this way and from the first steps we know what we are working with.

We know the product

We have studied the features of each material for a long time, we know how to group it, and put the most necessary things in the foreground.

We know the buyers

What they are looking for, what they get lost in and make mistakes, by what parameters they compare.

We know the semantic core

This means that we are guided by the question of how exactly users search for bulk materials on the Internet. Consequently, all pages will be optimized for search by default for possible further SEO promotion.

How are we better than the competition?

A lot of time devoted to each project (one specialist leads no more than 10 projects, which guarantees excellent quality)
Experience of achieving a traffic increase of more than 3 times in competitive cities.
Turnkey work: from site planning and development, to collecting applications and analyzing sales statistics.
Ready-made plans for the main areas of work with the bulk materials website.
We have been working with the subject of bulk materials for 3 years: we get results faster and more efficiently than competitors.

Look at an example of our work.

A detailed description of how we work with bulk materials sites. All stages: marketing, design, programming.

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