Development, maintenance and promotion of auto parts websites

We are increasing auto parts sales by 30% with the help of working Internet marketing tools.
Delegate the work with the site
Get customer flow
Automate order processing
Increase the average check and return rate
Reklamafia has been working in the Internet marketing market for more than 7 years! We thoroughly know the features of the promotion of spare parts stores on the Internet. We effectively attract traffic to the site and do not lose a single visitor.
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Website development and support

Website development

We have been developing websites for auto parts suppliers since 2017.

1C-Bitrix (official partner) and DocPart platforms guarantee high reliability. If necessary, we carry out individual development.

The design of the executed sites meets the requirements of modernity: user-friendly, adapted for mobile devices.

We integrate with the API of spare parts suppliers. We perform the main task: we show the user the price exactly when he needs it.

We connect the payment in compliance with Federal Law No. 54-FZ “On the use of cash registers when making payments in the Russian Federation”. We definitely know how to connect Internet acquiring banks: Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Modulbank, Dot, Tinkoff.

Разработка и продвижение сайтов автозапчастей
Разработка и продвижение сайтов автозапчастей
Разработка и продвижение сайтов автозапчастей
Разработка и продвижение сайтов автозапчастей
Разработка и продвижение сайтов автозапчастей

Collecting information

If necessary, we collect and analyze data from external sources.

We receive and process price lists from suppliers both in file format and via the API.


As part of website support, we update advertising offers: banners, news, articles.

We are constantly working on the convenience of the site: the visitor must take the minimum number of steps to purchase the necessary part.

Огромный выбор запчастей


Thanks to the round-the-clock monitoring of the project, you can not worry about the work of the store. Problems with the catalog or payments will be identified within a few minutes and promptly eliminated.

We use the NetData solution to monitor server parameters. Under constant supervision, CPU utilization, free memory, disk storage and other parameters.

We monitor not only the availability of the site, but also changes in all SEO-significant elements of the site: meta tags, robots.txt , server response codes will not go unnoticed!

Thus, any possible problems are eliminated even before they appear.

Статистика с сервера

High load

We do an excellent job with high loads. The system administrator on duty at the Reklamafia Agency has experience working with highly loaded projects. Sites with dozens of suppliers and millions of spare parts give an answer to users in less than a second.


Reklamafia projects are protected from external threats.

We are nipping at the root of the possibility of parsing the site. Your unique directory is protected from automatic copying.

We monitor and prevent hacker attacks.


The proven backup scheme allows you to restore the project in the most unpredictable situations.

We use the Amazon S3 service for backup.

Search engine promotion

We have passed most of the typical stages of SEO promotion of an auto parts store.

We know how to register a title and description, optimize pages for search, display the necessary information in the catalog and product card. We carry out a full range of work on search promotion.

As a result, the online auto parts store comes out on top in the search results.

Группы запросов

Marketing support

Marketers of the Reklamafia Agency spent dozens of hours studying the auto parts market. We know the profile of the auto parts buyer perfectly well.

Wholesalers buy goods for resale. They choose spare parts primarily by comparing prices. Uninterrupted supply is also important.

Car services work for their customers. The speed of delivery comes to the fore, but the assortment is no less important.

Retail buyers are car owners, their acquaintances and friends. They are ready to pay a little more expensive, they actively respond to advertising offers, but they do not want to deal with the interface of the site and the subtleties of payment.

Индекс качества сайта

Contextual advertising

The specialists of the Reklamafia Agency have a built-up plan for setting up and conducting contextual advertising for auto parts for a long period.

The work begins with basic settings: we advertise auto parts for the most popular car brands. We are gradually increasing the budget and advertising coverage.

Реклама запчасти
Реклама запчасти

Automation of business processes

Accepting, processing and executing an order in a timely manner seems to be a fairly simple task. When there are several hundred of them a month. If there are thousands of orders, it is necessary to set up and set up automated order processing.

We are able to set up CRM for auto parts suppliers.

Professionally analyze the statistics of the store.

Support of the sales department

Reklamafia provides consulting to sales departments for auto parts suppliers. We will teach you how to process each incoming request in such a way that the client becomes permanent.

How are we better than the competition?

A lot of time devoted to each project (one SEO specialist leads no more than 10 projects, which guarantees excellent quality)
Experience of achieving a traffic increase of more than 3 times in competitive cities.
Turnkey work: from site planning and development, to collecting applications and analyzing sales statistics.
Ready-made plans for the main areas of work with the online auto parts store.
We have been working with auto parts for 3 years: we get results faster and more efficiently than competitors.

Our main advantages

There are many features in the subject of auto parts that a marketer and developer need to know in order to work successfully. It takes about a year of work to get up to speed. We have already passed this way and from the first steps we know what we are working with.

We know the product

We have long studied what is for sale and what is not. We are able to group products and offer the best-selling ones. We have not been afraid of "crosses", "analogues" and the selection of auto parts by the VIN of the car for a long time.

We know the buyers

What they are looking for, what they get lost and make mistakes in, what parameters they compare, what filters they use.

We know the semantic core

This means that we are guided by the question of how exactly users search for auto parts on the Internet.


This is not a new word for us. We know the structure of the database very well and are able to quickly search for information in it. If necessary, we develop additional modules.

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